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The Freestone Guide to selling your home

If you have a home to sell, then you have likely been through the buying process. So you already know a little bit about how the property transaction should take place. But the steps to selling are different than buying. Here at Freestone, we have created a practical guide to show you the process.

Create your Account

Creating an account is easy. And it’s Free! Simply click “Sign Up”, put in your information, confirm your account, and your account is activated. With a free account you can now list property (sellers), keep track of favourite listings (buyers), and communicate with other buyers and sellers.

Don’t forget to add a photo in your profile. You’ll look more approachable. And that’s always a good thing when trying to sell a home.

Choose Your Listing Package

Carefully pick the listing package best for you. The Standard MLS – FSBO Flat-Fee package and the Broker Assisted Flat-Fee package are both great for sellers wanting to save a lot of money over traditional commissions. But the 2 packages are very different, so carefully compare and choose the best one for you.

For those who want a Full-Service listing with Freestone, you will simply fill out a form with a few details on your home and an agent will quickly get back to you to discuss your home selling goals.

Make the Payment

The Standard MLS Package costs $279.00 and Broker Assisted has upfront price $329.00. The Standard MLS package has no additional fees. The Broker Assisted has an additional flat-fee charge of $1500 due when the property sells. After you make the $279.00 or $329 payment, we can begin putting together your listing.

Complete Listing

Now it’s time to put your property listing together. We have made it easier than ever to electronically fill out the necessary forms and sign the contracts. Take your time in filling out the forms and be sure to answer all the questions truthfully.

After the forms are completed, its time for photos. If you’re a Standard MLS customer you will need to provide photos for your listing.

If you’re a Broker-Assisted customer, we will schedule a professional photographer to take pictures of your home. And then your agent will upload them.

Your listing is now completed. With just one submission, it will now be live on hundreds of websites!

Install Custom Yard Sign

As soon as we have the necessary information for your sign, we get it printed up and mailed directly to you. There is no extra-charge for the sign. It’s all part of our commitment to getting your home sold. The sign is simple and quick to install. Just be sure to put it out front of your home where it is easily viewed.

Check and Respond

It is imperative that you be attentive and responsive with your listing. If questions are asked, answer them quickly. If tours are requested, confirm or decline without delay. If you receive calls - ANSWER THE PHONE. Property buyers can be impatient (to say the least). Failure to check your email/phone messages and respond to inquiries in a timely manner could cost you a sale.

Show Property

With all of our flat-fee packages, you’ll be opening your home up for the tours. Some tours will be just buyers, and others will be a buyer’s agent with their clients. When the tours take place, be sure your home is clean, tidy, and orderly. It’s a bad idea to show your home during Thursday night’s poker game or your 5 year-olds’ birthday party. Make sure the home is quiet and free of distractions, so your buyers can get a good feel for your home.

The Offer: Accept, Reject, or Counter

You have 3 options when you receive an offer to purchase your home: accept, reject or counter.

Accept: If you like an offer and want to take it, you will sign the acceptance and go into contract with the buyer.

Reject: If you receive an offer you do not like and you think there is no way to come to terms, then you will sign to reject the offer and send it back to the property buyer.

Counteroffer: If you receive an offer you do not like, but you think there’s a path to coming to terms, you can send the buyer a counteroffer. A counteroffer will reject the original offer (so no going back) and make a new offer from you (the seller) to the buyer.

The buyer then gets to choose to accept, reject, or counter. This is the negotiation. Try to remain calm and think carefully about your moves. If you have the Broker Assisted Flat-Fee listing, there are fewer worries for you because your agent will handle the negotiations. Working alongside you, the agent will advise you and then communicate with the buyer or their representatives on your behalf.

Once a deal is made, it’s a great idea to hire a real estate attorney to handle the closing. It’s surprisingly affordable and efficient for all parties.

Inspections and Contingencies

Most home-sales contracts involve contingencies. Common contingencies are home inspections, the property appraising for the agreed price, and the buyer getting financing. Before you agree to an offer, be sure to understand the contingencies, the timeline of the contingencies, and who pays for them. Do your part in getting the contingencies taken care of as quickly as possible by making your home available to property inspectors, appraisers, and surveyors.

Prepare to Move

Start preparing for your move as soon as possible. Reserve the moving van, hire the moving company, and pack your stuff. Moving and selling a property is always rated as one of the most stressful activities we humans face. If you plan it out it gets a little easier. And be sure to leave the home nice and clean for the new owners.

Final Walk-Through

The buyers will generally take a final walk-through of the home before finalizing the purchase. So the home needs to be in the condition they are expecting. For example, don’t remove or switch out fixtures (like a favorite antique light for a cheap light) if it’s not stipulated in the contract for you to do so. Also, the property must be clean and in good order. If not, the closing could be delayed or the contract voided.

The Closing

It’s finally time to reap the rewards of all your hard work, as the sale will be finalized on the date agreed to by both you and the buyers. Days before the closing, you will have a chance to review the closing numbers prepared by the real estate attorney (called a HUD statement). Check it for any errors or miscalculations, because they sometimes happen. If you find an error, notify the closing attorney as soon as possible. To close the sale you will sign over your ownership of the home, turn in your keys, and receive the payment you are owed.

Share your experience
Share your experience

Now you can tell all your family and friends about the money you saved selling your home with Freestone. If you have more questions, let us know. We are ready to Help!