A Better Way to Buy a Home

We mix technology with service and expertise to bring you a superior buying experience.

Our advanced technology is all about getting you results. Find new and exclusive listings with our website, see more with our virtual tours, and complete deals with ease using our digital process.
From deciding on the right home for you and your family, to navigating the mortgage process, our top-rated agents use their knowledge and skills to help you meet your goals.
Finding a home you like is one thing, but making sure it’s right for you is another. We use our expertise to help you make sure it’s the right neighborhood, the right home, and the right deal.
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Caleb Stephens

Licensed Real Estate Broker
Freestone Inc
(228) 222-4325

Buy with Confidence

A lot goes into purchasing a home, and you want the security of knowing someone is representing your best interest. We work hard for our clients to meet your individual goals, to get you the right home, at the right time, at the right price.

Making the Right Deal

After our top-rated agents help you find the right home,
they’ll work to get you the right deal. Your agent will:

  • Show you data from nearby transactions
  • Go over the pros and cons of the home you’re considering
  • Schedule tours and bring you important information on the property
  • Help you decide on how much to offer
  • Negotiate the purchase to get you the deal you want
  • Use a digital process for speed and convenience

Once the deal is made, your agent will work with you to navigate the process all the way to closing.

Meeting Your Goals

From the start, we take the time to understand your individual goals and then formulate a strategy to best accomplish them.

We know how big the decision is to purchase a new home and we won’t pressure you into any decisions. We support you through the home buying process whether it takes 12 days or 12 months.

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