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Buy with Confidence

Buy with Confidence

A lot goes into purchasing a home. You want the security of knowing someone is representing your best interest. At Freestone we work hard for our clients to meet your individual goals. Get the right home at the right price with confidence.

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Our agents work hard to schedule tours fast.

Are you Preapproved? Being preapproved can make all the difference when buying a home.

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Are you Preapproved?

Freestone Offer Process

Once you find the home you like we:
  • Show you data of nearby transactions
  • Go over pros and cons
  • Help workout an offer price
  • Use digital signatures to make the process easier
  • Negotiate the deal
  • Work the deal all the way to closing

Are you a First-Time Homebuyer?

Knowledge is power. Learn about the steps in buying a home.
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